Academic Info:

  • Senior at Richard Montgomery High School (IB Magnet Program)

  • UW GPA: 3.92 WGPA: 4.7

  • School Coursework:  Multivariable Calculus, AP Micro and Macro economics , AP Statistics, Computer Science Principles,  Biology

  • Online Coursework:  Deep reinforcement learning, Data Analytics, Stock Investing

  • Won award for United We Learn: Arts Competition - Evolution in Humanity - First Place (County)

  • Won honorable mention and award for United States Capitol Historical Society Essay Contests -USCHS.  (National)

IB Coursework & Achievement:

  • IB Diploma Certificate (2021)

  • IB Exams Taken: IB Economics (6)

  • IB Planned Exams (2021):  IB HL Biology, IB Philosophy, IB Spanish 5, IB HL Math, IB English

  • Received Mid Year Diploma Certificate (MYP)

  • Extended Essay (EE) Subject: History

  • EE Research Question: What impact did World War II have on the global status of the medical field?

AP Coursework & Achievement:

  • AP Exams Taken: AP BC Calculus (5), AP Microeconomics (5), AP Gov & Politics (5), AP Statistics (4), AP Environmental Science (4), AP Macroeconomics (4), AP Computer Science Principles (4)

  • AP Planned Exams (2021):  AP Physics C, AP English literature and composition, AP European History,  AP Spanish, AP Biology

  • National Merit Commended Student

  • AP Scholar with Distinction