Community Leadership

Assistant Founder and Advisor of Dr. K. R. Shah Higher Secondary School

The school is located in Bhaner, India that provides education to around 800 impoverished students. Without the school, the kids in the community wouldn't have the opportunity to get an education.  

Created remote learning video to educate school student about Covid 19 information awareness (video in Gujarati Language)


Discussing Building Operations

Teaching a Class of Students

Note: Due to COVID-19, our teachings have gone virtual. Please check out the channel below to see some of the educational videos that I create, which are shared to the students and are easily accessible!

Clicking the button will open the channel in another window!

For more information, please visit the school website that I have created, which is updated with new events/information during the school year.

Other involvements with the school include planting trees, setting up the computer lab, library setup, science fair and implementing solar panels.


Led activities at Sunday School.  Participated in various cultural activities, volunteering and skits.

Fundraising event for Temple.  Performance by Dev Desai and Others