About Me


My Background

Welcome to my website! Please take a moment to explore my site, where you’ll find details on my background, experience, skills and more. I am passionate about student advocacy at the county. state, and international level.


Currently, I am a senior at Richard Montgomery High School, one of the nation’s strongest International Baccalaureate (IB) magnet schools and a candidate for the full IB Diploma.

To learn more or connect on an opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

General Facts About Me:

  • Class of 2021 at Richard Montgomery High School (IB Magnet Program)

  • Quadrilingual: Fluent in English, Gujrati, Hindi, and learning Spanish (Taking IB Spanish 5)

  • Ambidextrous: Born left-handed, but undertook the challenge of also being skillful with the right hand 


  • Service: 650+ hours (331 SSL, > 200 Abroad, 125+ Hospital Volunteering)​. Received volunteer service award

  • Technology: Microsoft Office, Java, Python, HTML, Programming logic, Knowledge of App Making.

  • Process, Debugging Process, MATLAB, UBUNTU, Machine Learning (AI/ML), Robotics.

  • Others: Critical thinking/problem solving, adaptability, leadership, communication and analytical skills.

  • First Aid, CPR & AED certified